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Zip file must contain all associated files for a shapefile (at least .shp, .prj, .shx) or file geodatabase (.gdb).

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Upload a shapefile or ESRI File Geodatabase Feature Class containing your area of interest to generate a detailed PDF report of the Blueprint, underlying indicators, and landscape-level threats for your area of interest. It includes a map and summary table for every indicator present in the area, as well as additional information about urbanization and sea-level rise.

Don't have a shapefile? You can create one using to draw your area of interest, save as a shapefile, then upload here.

We are here to help you interpret and apply this information to your particular application!

You can help us improve the Blueprint and this report by helping us understand your use case: we use this information to provide statistics about how the Blueprint is being used and to prioritize improvements.

Note: your files must be in a zip file, and can include only one shapefile or Feature Class, and must represent a relatively small area (full extent must be less than 5 million acres). For help analyzing larger areas, please contact us.

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